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Zelda : The Wind Waker (SD) World Record Beaten by Aloakirby

Record approaches the sub-1 hour mark



Today, the world record for the fastest time completing the popular Gamecube game: Zelda, The Wind Waker was just beaten today by Aloakirby in 1h 10m 23s. The second place record is held by a player named Demon who had beaten the record in 1h 14m 14s. Aloa’s record came just a mere two days after he completed the game in 1h 13m 42s, meaning Aloakirby is certainly on top of his game. Users were ecstatic about him trimming yet another minute off the game, bringing the game closer to the coveted sub 1-hour milestone. Aloa’s newest record was achieved mainly through optimizations in player movement.

“What a god”

a fan reaction to AloaKirbys record

Aloa Kirby is part of the speedrunning community, a group of people who compete against each other to complete classic games as fast as possible.

This version of Zelda that was beaten is named SD, or, standard definition referring to the fact that 2002 Gamecube version only outputted standard definition graphics. The world records for Zelda : The Wind Waker HD, released in 2013, is it’s own tier of records as shown on, which tracks records in the speedrunning community.

-Aloa Kirby

Wind Waker SD times were previously made popular by a Twitch streamer named Narcissa Wright

This version of Zelda became popular particularly after a vlogger named Narcissa Wright began streaming her playthroughs of the game on Twitch. Narcissa had brought the time down of completing Wind Waker to sub-5 hours back when she was competing on Twitch.

Since then the record has been passed onto multiple streamers in the quest for better times.

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