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Italian Democratic Party agrees to Conte as Prime Minister today

Change of strategy for the PD as coalition deadline arrives



The Italian Democratic Party (otherwise known as, “PD”) backed down today on refusing Conte as PM, giving concessions to the Five Star Party in negotiations for a coalition. The Five Star Party had previously issued ten demands to the PD, most of which were accepted by the PD.

Time is running out

The deadline for coalition talks are in the next 24 hours, and we are now seeing the final moves in negotiations between the two parties. If the parties fail to agree to a coalition in 24 hours than the country will most likely move to early elections. If the parties agree to a coalition, there will be more time for the Italian PD and Five Star Movement to draw up a unified platform to become a new political force on their own.

Coalition talks have moved beyond expectations

Analysts predicted policy differences would prevent a coalition, but coalition talks have move farther than predicted.

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