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Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty today, assault trial postponed to January



Weinstein pleaded not guilty to two more charges of sexual assault today. If these charges are similar to existing charges, the old charges will be dropped.

Prosecutors have been trying very hard to get Annabella Sciorra, a former Sopranos star to testify against Weinstein. The prosecution needs to prove that Weinstein assaulted more than two women for Weinstein to be convicted of predatory sexual assault. Sciorra once said that Weinstein raped, her, however she is not one of the women who charged Weinstein.

Weinstein’s attorney Donna Rotunno said that his new indictment and attempted testimony by someone who has not charged Weinstein is a sign of the prosecutors being, “desperate”, about a,  “weak”, case.

Weinstein’s case was pushed to January.

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Date4 May 2010
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