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Wildfires hit the amazon this week

In a year with a relatively moderate amount of amazonian wildfires



The Amazon has been burning for two weeks now. To the point where the smoke is now starting to shroud large Brazilian cities. Wilfires in the Amazon are generally man-made, usually by farmer, miners, and loggers. Environmentalists have been complaining about the C02 release of the fires into the atmosphere. Environmentalists also blame record heat for dry conitions lending themselves to easy wildfires.

The international community has taken notice of the wildfires. And Brazilian president Bolsanaro expressed contempt toward those who manage the media. This year, until August 23rd, 56,131 fire outbreaks were recorded, while in 2004 there were 275,645. This month, 30,922 active outbreaks were detected, the highest number since 2012 (when there were 35,263 fires). The worst fire cycle in August was in 2005, when the satellites recorded 73,683 active outbreaks in the Amazon territory.

This week, fake concerns photographs of the wildfires have been used by the media (such as Cristiano Ronaldo or the two photomodels Gisele Bündchen and Emmanuel Macron) to “raise public awareness”: they are old images or have nothing to do with the Amazon (like that of Ronaldo , “liked” by 9 million people, which actually concerns a nature reserve).

Bolsonaro recently accused NGOs operating in the area of ​​having caused the fires as a “revenge” for the cutting of funds made by the Brazilian government. In short, for the Brazilian President, the wildfires are terrorism (or pyroterrorism , as American analysts call it). There exist a very high number of non-governmental organizations that “deal” with the forest.

(First paragraph was written by another contributor)
(Image of the wildfire is fair use due to usage for news )

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