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The Italian Five Star Movement and the PD move forward today with bumpy negotiations

Giuseppe also rejected by the PD today



In order to avoid an early election, the Italian Five Star Movement, which Italian prime minister Conte was associated with, has begun coalition-forming talks with long-time political rivals: The Italian Democratic Party, or, “PD”, for short. If the five star movement forms a coalition with the PD, then it can postpone a national election to potentially prevent the Northern League from gaining power, and if they win the next election, maintain power. In the past, Matteo and his Northern League Party have tried to make concessions to the Five Star Movement to avoid such a coalition relegating the Northern League Party to a minor party.

The Five Star Movement demands smaller overall government in it’s quest to retain power

The wider media sphere expresses doubts on the ability of the coalition to form, asserting that the Five Star Movement is too right-wing for the PD. However the clash today between the Five Star Movment and the PD has not been about right vs. left politics, but rather big vs. small government. The Five Star Movement has issued PD a demand that the Italian parliament must reduce the total number of legislative seats.

Negotiations have hit a stumbling block today

Today, Saturday the 24th or 2019, the PD told the Five Star Movement that it will not accept Giuseppe Conte as prime minister, making Giuseppe’s exist from the premiership certain.

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