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Teenage environmental star criticized for polluting too much



Taz (the German Green Party newspaper) writes that Swedish environmental star Greta Thunberg’s “moralizing” journey aboard the $ 4 million Malizia II yacht will damage the environment more than a simple flight. It was also noted that at least five members crew will have to come back from New York after the trip.

A spokesman for Boris Herrmann (the famous German yachtsman) stated: “The trip by sailboat will be at least five air travels harmful to the climate across the Atlantic […] If Greta had only traveled with her father, it would have been only the two of them.”

It is true that a single flight from New York to Hamburg releases 1,800 kilograms of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to more than three-quarters of the annual quantity that an individual would be entitled to consume if global warming were to be stopped at a 2 degree change.

Hermann’s spokesman also expressed concern about the carbon footprint issued by the entire media apparatus covering the travels of the sixteen-year-old Swede. However he justifies the pollution saying that it will be offset in the future if these climate campaigns are successful.

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