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Japan more certain North Korea can launch long-range nuclear missiles

The Hermit Kingdom still seen as a serious threat



An upcoming Japanese Annual Defence report details increased confidence that North Korea has achieved the miniaturization of nuclear warheads. Miniaturization allows the warheads to attach to long range ballistic missiles. In a previous report a year ago, Japan was more uncertain in their wording of the matter.

As the Japanese government has not sent the report out yet, the revelation came in through the local Yomiuri newspaper conglomerate.

Yomiuri reported that they think the Japanese government is in a quiet state of crisis on the matter.

China expanding into the Pacific

The defence report also highlighted that the Japanese government sees Chinese maritime and aviation forces expanding into the Pacific and the government encourages an appropriate response.

Japan vs South Korea

South Korea, in contrast to Japan, has a history of not reacting as publicly to advances in North Korean nuclear technology. Experts in global security such as C.P. Vick argue that reports over improved North Korean nuclear technology are sparse in countries such as South Korea as to not let the hermit kingdom think they have successfully instilled fear.

As of late 2019, Japan still finds North Korea to be a, “serious and imminent threat”, to their national security.

(Featured image not associated with any real photo of NK military equipment)

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