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Actress Naama Kates launches podcast examining the incel phenomenon

In the podcast, incel is described as a life circumstance rather than a movement



Actress Naama Kates has recently launched her podcast called, Incel, which looks into the personal lives of various forum members who consider themselves invountarily celibate. The podcast seeks to dispel rumors about the communities and give incel forum members an unfiltered venue to share their thoughts.

The third and latest episode, statusmaxxing admincel, came out today and features a long interview with one of the admins of The podcast seeks to present the forums and people involved in a neutral tone rather than in a completely negative manner. The podcast was launched August 5th.

On social media, the podcast interacts in a sympathetic manner with various men’s advocate accounts, including the MRA podcast Honey Badger Radio, political author Andy Nowicki, the non-violent forum, and some of the most active incel forum users such as NEETandTidy.

What Have We Seen So far?

The second episode, “Hopeless Addict Drugcel” examines the personal tribulations of incel forum member FrailPaleStaleMale.

The podcast drew interest from the circle of people interested in podcasts about violent crime. However, Naama makes pains to emphasize through her advertising that most involuntary celibates (incels) are not violent, ideological, or dangerous, and that, in her words, incel is a life circumstance.

(The featured article image at the top is public domain and not necessarily associated with this podcast)

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